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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
CAT TourniquetCAT Tourniquet
CAT Tourniquet
Sale price$35.00
In stock
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HyFin Chest SealHyFin Chest Seal
HyFin Chest Seal
Sale priceFrom $14.00
In stock
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QuikClot Combat GauzeQuikClot Combat Gauze
QuikClot Combat Gauze
Sale price$53.00
In stock, 10 units
Rigid Gen 7 C-A-T TQ CaseRigid Gen 7 C-A-T TQ Case
Rigid Gen 7 C-A-T TQ Case
Sale price$39.00
Re-stocking soon
Emergency Survival BlanketEmergency Survival Blanket
Emergency Survival Blanket
Sale price$2.00
In stock, 28 units
Trauma ShearsTrauma Shears
Trauma Shears
Sale price$10.99
In stock
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BurnTec Burn DressingBurnTec Burn Dressing
BurnTec Burn Dressing
Sale price$6.00
In stock, 6 units
Elastic Wrap BandageElastic Wrap Bandage
Elastic Wrap Bandage
Sale price$5.00
In stock, 14 units
SAM SplintSAM Splint
SAM Splint
Sale price$14.00
Re-stocking soon
NuStat Hemostatic DressingsNuStat Hemostatic Dressings
NuStat Hemostatic Dressings
Sale price$18.50
In stock
Emergency Trauma DressingEmergency Trauma Dressing
Emergency Trauma Dressing
Sale price$14.99
In stock

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