We pride ourselves on recommending the best products on the market. Sometimes the best products we can find are available through our affiliates. Any products found on our affiliates page have been personally purchased by us, put through rigorous testing and meet our standards of approval! 

Freedom Defense Training, LLC

Freedom Defense Training is an East Texas company that offers a wide range of firearms and self-defense training, emergency and medical response training, force on force scenario based training, school, church and business threat assessments, survival training, guided wilderness trips, women’s & youth classes and trainings and more.  They also offer personalized, individual private trainings on request. 

We have been partnered with FDT for many years to offer gear and supplies at discounted rates as part of training packages to citizens, law enforcement agencies and schools to offer a full range of skills, knowledge and equipment needed to respond to any event. 

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Paladin Solutions, LLC 

Paladin Solutions is an experienced team of security professionals in East Texas that specializes in armed security, event protection, executive and dignitary protection and high threat protection and security in most any environment.  Zion Gear Co. partners with Paladin in providing gear and equipment to security officers and clients they work with.

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East Texas Krav Maga

East Texas Krav Maga is a martial arts studio located in Tyler.  They offer simple and effective classes and seminars on personal self-defense, firearms retention and disarmament and general awareness and safety techniques.  We have partnered with ETKM as a resource for our customers who are looking for training in how to manage unexpected and/or dangerous personal situations.

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